We strongly encourage to bring your own food and drinks on board. Here’s a list of our favorite nearby places to buy your provisions. All of these are within walking distance (max. 5 minutes) from our dock. And all of them sell good stuff at reasonable prices:

Bakkerswinkel Amsterdam Take Away next to Boats4rent Boat Hire

1. Take Away Bakkerswinkel West

1. Take Away Bakkerswinkel West

Top of our list is the ‘Bakkerswinkel West’, our friendly neighbours. You can enjoy their great food and drinks either inside their nicely decorated café, on the outdoor terrace right next to our dock, or on our boats. For the last option please use the take-away shop, which has a separate side entrance. The Bakkerswinkel is a very lively and popular please, so make sure not to be in a hurry. For more info check the website of the Bakkerswinkel West.

Avondmarkt Westerpark Wittenkade Amsterdam

2. De Avondmarkt Westerpark

2. De Avondmarkt Westerpark

This is a very sympathetic family owned local store. This personal favorite of ours is partly supermarket, partly fairly priced deli. They have a lot of fresh and organic products. And their range of cooled beers and wines, salty snacks and cheeses is impressive, just as the amount of different chocolates on stock. Beware: this is an evening store, which opens 4 PM on weekdays, 3 PM on Saturdays and 2 PM on Sundays. So only good for buying your provisions for late afternoon or evening boat rentals. For more info check the website of the Avondmarkt Westerpark.

Cafe Restaurant Amsterdam Westerpark after Boat Rental Boats4rent

3. Albert Heijn Supermarket

3. Albert Heijn

Albert Heijn is the number one supermarket in the Netherlands, with a large quality assortment at decent prices. Here you will find all you could possible want on your boat trip: freshly baked bread, cheeses, fruits, sweets, drinks, and so on. The Albert Heijn on Van Limburg Stirumstraat is closest (a 5 minute walk from our dock), but a bit smaller than the one on Haarlemmerplein (a 10 minute walk from our dock).

Feel free to bring all your favorite food and drinks on board. Please keep in mind that there has to be one designated driver: the skipper has to remain sober. So make sure to bring some nice non-alcoholic drinks!

You may bring all your favorite food and drinks on board. Make sure to include some nice non-alcoholic drinks for the designated driver!