Amsterdam by rental boat is awesome, no doubt about it! But there are other great destinations waiting to be discovered by rental boat too. Some of them are in the countryside within cycling distance from Amsterdam. And others, like the really nice cities of Haarlem, Leiden and Alkmaar are a bit further away, making them a great daytrip destionation.

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1. Broek in Waterland (Dutch countryside)

1. Broek in Waterland (Dutch countryside)

The picturesque typical Dutch landscape just north of Amsterdam is called ‘Waterland’. Lots of waterways cross this rural area with charming little villages. Broek in Waterland is one of them: a prosperous small scale village with beautiful wooden houses. Great ways to discover this area are cycling, and boating! Broeker Bootverhuur (meaning: Broek in Waterland Boat Hire) has electric boats for rent for a maximum of 5 people. And if you’re into sports: this place also rents canoes.

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